About Us

Mi Familia Market, founded in 1978 by owner J. Obranovich and family, has always been committed to several goals which, in turn, have created a market which provides it’s customers with a premiere shopping experience. They have continually provided excellent customer service in a friendly, family-oriented atmosphere, and have consistently offered the largest and most abundant variety of Hispanic foods in the Napa Valley. Furthermore, our meats, produce, full-service deli, and grocery items cannot be matched for quality and affordability in the area.

Mi Familia Market continues to place tremendous importance on meeting the needs of each and every customer. Our employees are courteous and always knowledgeable about products, groceries, and updated services. Customers know they can count on Mi Familia Market everyday to facilitate their needs in an efficient, helpful way.

The name, Mi Familia Market, emphasizes their philosophy of serving the needs of the individual, the family, and the community. Not only do they maintain positive employee-customer relationships, they also strive to bring about positive change in the neighborhood by supporting various schools and community entities. Please read on to discover why Mi Familia Market is truly the place you’ll want to shop and come back to time and time again.

Our Team

Mi Familia Market continues to flourish by the enthusiasm and quality of work of our team. The employees at Mi Familia Market are devoted to offering courtesy and friendliness to every customer who walks into the grocery store. The extensive knowledge the employees have for our products and services is found helpful for your everyday needs. Mi Familia Market believes that a commitment to training our team to apply the highest standards of customer service will ensure that all the needs of our customers are met.

Our Community

Mi Familia Market is proud to be involved with our local community. We believe in making our community a better place to live by giving back to local schools, churches, and fund raisers. In addition to providing employment opportunities in the community, Mi Familia Market sponsors many junior and adult soccer teams and supports the Napa Valley Language Academy. At Mi Familia Market we are committed to the community and believe in making a positive impact on the neighborhood around us.

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